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Windows NT Dialup Networking Setup Instructions

1) Double Click on the "My Computer Icon" on the desktop.

2) Double Click on the "Dialup Networking Icon".

3) You will now see a message stating that the phone book is empty, Click "OK".

4) In the Entry Name field enter in "Indigo Networks".

5) In the section "Telephone number" Type the Indigo Networks Phone number

Perth CBD: 6265 1122

Perth CBD Ulti-net Accounts: 6265 1133

Rockingham: 9553 1222

Rockingham Ulti-net Accounts: 9553 1233

Note: Make sure the phone number you are dialing is in your local call area, otherwise you will pay STD call rates.

6) Click on the "Server Tab" at the top of the window.

7) Tick "TCP/IP".

8) Untick "IPX/SPX compatible" and "NetBEUI"

9) Click on the "TCP/IP Settings" box.

10) Click on the circle on the left of "Server assigned name server addresses".

11) Click the "OK Button".

12) Click the "OK Button" again.

13) Click on "Dial" to dial up Indigo Networks.

14) To dialup in future Double Click on the My Computer Icon on the desktop, Then Double Click on Dialup Networking a window will appear and click on the dial button.