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Netscape Mail Configuration

1) Open up Netscape by Double clicking on the icon on the desktop or going to the netscape group in the start button.

2) Go to "Edit" then to "Preferences"

3) Go down to the "Mail & Newsgroups" Section and click on the + on the left of that field.

4) Click on "Identify".

5) In the Your name field enter in your personal name.

6) In the Email address field enter in your email address username@indigo.net.au.

7) Click on "Mail Servers", If you have "mail.indigo.net.au" in the "Incoming Mail Servers" section select it and click on "Delete" then click on "OK".

8) Click on "Add" in the Server name field enter in "mail.indigo.net.au".

9) Click on the pull down bar in Server Type you will see a list of usually two things IMAP Server and POP3 Server, Click on POP3 Server.

10) In the Username field enter in your "username".

11) Check the "Remember Password" box if you wish to save your password on the system so it doesn't ask for it every time you go to check your email.

12) Click on "OK".

13) In the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server field enter in "mail.indigo.net.au".

14) In the Outgoing mail server user name enter in your "username".

15) Click the "OK Button".

16) Then Click the "OK Button" again.