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Macintosh Outlook Express Configuration

1) Load Up Outlook Express

2) Click On"Edit" at the top on the menu, and click on "Preferences".

3) Click on the "Email Tab".

4) Enter in the Name Field your "Personal Name"..

5) In the Email Address Field enter in your "username@indigo.net.au"

6) In the Outgoing Mail STMP box it should be "mail.indigo.net.au".

7) In the Incoming Mail POP Server box it should be "mail.indigo.net.au".

8) In the "Account ID" section type the username you were assigned by Indigo Networks

9) In the "Password" section type the password you were assigned by Indigo Networks

10) Click on the "News Tab".

11) In the Server name field enter in "Indigo Networks.

12) In the Server Address field enter in "news.indigo.net.au".

13) Click on the "OK" Button.