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Internet Explorer 4.5 Configuration Instructions

1) Open Up Internet Explorer

2) Click on Edit in the top menu bar and go down to Preferences and click on it.

3) Scroll down till you see the Network Section and then click on the Proxies Tab.

4) Click on the Circle on the left of Enable.

5) In the Address field enter in proxy.indigo.net.au.

6) In the Port field enter in 3128 or 8080.

7) Scroll down on the left menu till you see the E-mail Section and then click on General.

8) In the "Real Name" section type the name you wish to be seen as when you send email to other people.

9) In the "E-mail address" section type the email address you were assigned by Indigo Networks

10.) In the Sending Mail Section under SMTP host enter "mail.indigo.net.au"

11.) In the Retrieving Mail Section under Account ID enter in your username you were assigned by Indigo Networks

12.) In the Mail host enter in "mail.indigo.net.au" also have the circle on the left of POP3 ticked.

13.) In the "Password" section type the password you were assigned by Indigo Networks

14.) Click the OK Button.