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General Web Browser Errors

404 Not Found
This message normally occurs when the browser can not find the document that has been requested on the host computer (IE. www.yahoo.com or www.download.net).
To fix this error, check the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), that is the address of the site you are wishing to visit, and ensure that you have the address is correct.
Note: The URL addresses are case sensitive, so if it is supposed to be in lower case, it must be in lower case. Another possibility, is that the page has been removed, changed to another name, or been moved to a new location.

403 Forbidden/Access Denied
The site you are trying to access may require special access permission (IE. password).
To fix this, try one of the following steps:
1) You have to have an account setup with the site, in order to access it.
2) Should you have no account setup, the only way to access the site is to contact the site administrator.
3) Ensure that you have entered in your information correctly.

503 Service Unavailable
This message happens commonly to a site that is popular and lots of people visit; it also happens to sites that are not prepared for the load of traffic coming into the site.
This generally means that computer that the site is located on, is filled to capacity and won't accept more users until some leave the site.

Bad File Request
This type of error occurs when the form or HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) coding for an online form has an error in it.
There is not much you can do for this type of error.
Suggest sending an email the site administrator and alerting them to the problem.

Cannot Add Form Submission Result To Bookmark List
This message appearing when attempting to place the results of a search on a search engine (IE. Yahoo! or Alta Vista), into your bookmarks.
Note: Only a document or an site address (URL) can be placed in a bookmark.

Connection Refused by Host
This message is simular to the 403 error.
It occurs when you request a Web Site that requires special access permission to open the page.

Failed DNS Lookup
Your web browser was unable to find the Internet Protocol (IP) number of the site you were trying to connect to.
This is usually caused by having an incorrect Web URL, but can also be caused by overloading on the Internet. Usually, the best course of action is to try again later.

HTTP Server at indigo.net.au:3128 Replies: HTTP/1.0 500 Error from Proxy
This error usually comes up when you're on an office Internet network - when your computer isn't hooked directly into the Internet via a modem. If your computer is on an office LAN, then you usually have a proxy server.
Try waiting about 30 seconds and then access the web page again - usually that will clear up any congestion in the proxy server itself. If the problem keeps appearing, contact your office LAN administrator - they are usually the people who have set up the LAN and will be able to make sure your computer has the correct settings.

File Contains no Data
Your web browser was able to find the web site, but was not able to open the specific page you were after because the file was empty.