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Windows 95/98 Dialup Problems

Getting Modem To Connect To Indigo Networks

1) Your Modem Dials, Handshakes, Then Disconnects

2) You Get An Error That Says "Could Not Establish A Set Of Network Protocols"

3) No TCP/IP Installed

If you don't have the TCP/IP protocol in your Network Control Panel, you will not be able to get online.

To fix this, you must go into your Control Panel (under Start, then Settings) then into Network. If you do not have the TCP/IP protocol listed there, you can add it by:

Clicking Add

Highlighting Protocol Click Add Again

Highlight Microsoft from the list of manufacturers

Highlight TCP/IP from the list of protocols

Click OK

This will return you to the Network Control Panel, where you have to click OK. It will then ask you to restart your computer.

Once your computer has restarted, try dialing in again.

This Next section is for users who have two TCP/IP protocols in the Network Control Panel

If you have more than one TCP/IP protocol in your Network Control Panel, you will be able to get connected, but will not be able to do anything once online.

To fix this, you must go into you Control Panel (under Start, then Settings) then into Network. If you have more than one TCP/IP protocol, that is either bound to Dial Up Adapter, Shown by a arrow (-->) pointing to Dial Up Adapter after the TCP/IP protocol, you can remove it by highlighting one of the TCP/IP protocols, and clicking on the remove button on the Network page.

Dial-up Networking is giving you modem is not responding.

  • Fax Program Running

Dial-up Networking will give you the error message that the modem is not responding if another program is using the modem.

Check your taskbar first to make sure that you do not have any fax programs running that may be using the modem. If there is a fax program running along the taskbar, click on it to bring it up, then exit the program.

  • Re-Install Your Modem Software

If Dial Up Networking is says that your modem is not responding, you can also try to get Windows 95 to re-install your modem.

To re-install your modem, go into your control panel, the double click on modems. If you have a modem there already, highlight it, and click on remove.

If you have an external modem, make sure it is turned on.

Once you have removed the modem, click on add. Make sure that Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list is not ticked. Click on Next. Windows should now try to detect your modem. Once Windows has found your modem, click on next, then on finish once it has installed the modem. You can now click close on the modem window, and try dialing in again.

Note: Windows must be able to detect your modem on its own, for your modem to operate properly. If Windows cannot find your modem, you may have a IRQ or driver problem. Consult your local hardware vendor or a computer technician to get this problem fixed.