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Dial Up Account Settings


Primary Domain Server (DNS):

Secondary Domain Server (DNS):

Dial Up Numbers

Perth CBD: 6265 1122

Perth CBD Ulti-net Accounts: 62651133

Rockingham: 9553 1222

Rockingham Ulti-net Accounts: 9553 1233

Note: Make sure the phone number you are dialing is in your local call area, otherwise you will pay STD call rates.

Mail and News

Email Server (POP3 and SMTP): mail.indigo.net.au

News Server: news.indigo.net.au

E-mail Address: username@indigo.net.au

Web and FTP

Proxy Settings: proxy.indigo.net.au port 8080

Anonymous FTP Server: ftp.indigo.net.au

Home Directory http://users.indigo.net.au/username


E-mail: support@indigo.net.au

Phone: 9481 1666

Website: www.indigo.net.au click on <Support>