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Either fill out this online application form or print out THIS pdf file, fill it out and fax it to us.


Dial Up Application Form
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Your username may be between 2 and 8 lower case letters or numbers (no spaces or fullstops). It is used for loggin in and as the prefix on your email address. A choice based on your name, business or nickname is recommended. (Please Write Clearly).

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Bronze - Ultra low usage
$16.50 $49.50 $99 $198
Silver - Low Usage
$22 $60.50 $121 $220
Gold - Mid Usage
$33 $91.30 $182.60 $330
Platinum - Standard Usage
$44 $121 $240 $440
Diamond - Heavy Usage
$66 $187 $374 $660
Ulti-Net - Unlimited Usage
$29.95 $89.85 $179.70 $359.40

* Monthly Accounts occur a $5 administration charge per invoice unless paid by Direct Debit Credit Cards
# Pay as you surf Accounts must be paid by Direct Debit Credit Cards

Additional Services

  Second Email Address Onsite Training Home Installation Indigo Approved Modem


$33 Per Hour



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Please Direct debit from my credit card each time my account is due until further written notice.

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Indigo sends all bills via E-mail. Please tick here for Postal billing
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