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Since it was first compiled, the list below has rather fallen into disrepair, but is retained till I do something about it. Meanwhile, please visit David de Hilster's site for a commendably comprehensive list of those who find the concept of Earth expansion credible, at:-
Adams, . N., Expanding Earth animations
Carey, S.W. Earth, Universe, Cosmos
Bridges, Dan Earth, Universe, Cosmos
Endersbee, L., Link to Lance E - acquifer recharge problems.
Erickson, W., On the origin of dinosaurs and mammals
Ford, D., A General Introduction to the Expanding Earth
Herndon, M.J. Understand Earth.com
Hoshino, M. The Expanding Earth
Hurrell, S Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth
Karavashkin,  S. Link to Sergey's site
Kugler, A. Subduction and overthrusting
Luckert, K.W. Expansion Tectonics
Maurer, Robert Tectonic Forces - the Origin and Mechanics of Forces responsible for Plate Movements
Maxlow, J. Global Expansion Tectonics
McCarthy, D Expanding Earth
Meyl, Konstantin. Expanding Earth
Mundy, W. Expanding Earth?
Myers, L Our Earth is Expanding
Netzer, M Growing Earth Theory
Noel, D. Nuteeriat: Nut Trees, the Expanding Earth, Rottnest Island
Ollier, C The Origin of Mountains on an Expanding Earth
Pratt, D. Plate Tectonics: A Paradigm Under Threat
Savov, E Theory of interaction - the simplest explanation of everything
Scalera Origin of the wadatibenioff zones in the mediterranean region 
Scheff, L. A beginner's guide for experts
Verhulst., J., Do you still believe in Good ol' plate tectonics?
Warmingearth The Warming Earth
Wilson, K. Expanding Earth Knowledge
Wolff, Milo The Quantum Universe
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