"Plate Tectonics and This Expanding Earth"
An Alternative View
- Incorporating the Earth's spin in geodynamics -

....Arguments against Plate Tectonics
....Earth Expansion - an alternative view

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About this book

Using a mix of tactics to challenge a monolithic and moribund consensus view, the author incisively and mercilessly dissects the arguments for Plate Tectonics and rejects them in favour of an Earth that is getting bigger.  In a series of short expositions advocating Earth expansion he invites the reader to contemplate a perspective on the planet that is vastly different from the one he has probably come to know, one that involves dilation and torsion on a global scale.  (..read more...)

Behemoth and Leviathan, water colour by William Blake   (Wikipedia)

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E-Book Title: "Plate Tectonics and this Expanding Earth."
Author Don Findlay
Contact earthexpansion@gmail.com
Subject Plate Tectonics - Expanding Earth - Global Tectonics.
Level High School /  General Public interest.
Format E-Book (Disk); ~50Mb+
....Newcrest - Telfer, Australia's largest goldmine
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