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The Gold account is Indigo’s
Mid Usage account
Join Now

No Cutoffs!!
Fast 56k or 64k Access
Full Access to the Internet
Including World Wide Web (www), E-mail, Chat, IRC, Newsgroups, FTP, Telnet, Shell
120 Hours FREE connected to the Internet PER MONTH
No Maximum number of hours per month
300 megabytes of download traffic per month FREE
FREE Email Address
Free CD which includes all the software you need to get on the Internet
20 megabytes of disk space you can use to publish your own website
Great user to modem ratio ensuring quick and easy connections
Super high speed access via Indigo’s multiple redundant fiber optic links to the Internet
Free e-mail and telephone support

Service Fee    


  Half Yearly






(Prices Include GST)
If you are paying on a monthly basis the only accepted method of payment is via direct debit credit card. However, if you opt to signup for a quaterly or above account you can also pay by cash, cheque, money order or eftpos.
Please Note: Indigo charges as of the 1st of each month and thus your first bill will include the remainder from the month that you joined
Additional Megabytes of traffic charged at $0.132 / Mb;
Additional Hours charged at $1.10 / hr
For those who are worried about over spending we CAN put limit on your accounts so you wont get extra charges

Installation (a trained technician will set up the Internet on your computer, 1hr max) $38.50
Second E-mail Address
(a second e-mail address with it’s own password)
Onsite Training (learn to use the Internet at Indigo’s office, by appointment) $33/hour
Indigo Approved 56k Modem
(Netcomm V.90)

FREE Friendly Professional Phone Support Monday to Saturday for Internet related technical advice
Technical support via Indigo’s E-mail and Website
Comprehensive list of problems and answers available on our support site

Level 15 QV1 Building
250 St Georges Tce
Perth WA 6000
Phone: 9481 1666
Fax: 9481 8555